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Our Schein app - fits perfectly

From accurate sizing up to the selection of all available shoe models our app supports you during your daily counseling.

Let the app calculate
Enter the foot measurements of your patient, and if necessary the thickness of the foot orthotic, and our app calculates the matching type of last.

Check the availability and use our filter functions
For checking the availability you have to enter your personal code: scheinonline#YourCustomerID. The function can be switched on and off via settings at any time.

Low data volume
The required data volume for the download will only be 80 MB. The remaining area will be used offline. Only for the e-mail order and the availability indicator online access is needed again.

Turn the wheel
In addition to the Schein app there is our hub for my generation with all dimensions of the lasts in practical overview. With overhead marker and prefabricated tag - for hanging in your measuring cabin.

Download Schein App

NovaPED S90 carbon edition - From motor racing to orthopaedic shoe technology

Carbon fibres are industrially produced fibres made from raw materials containing carbon. Thanks to their very high stability and rigidity with simultaneously low elongation at fracture, carbon fibres have already been successfully implemented in motor racing and aviation technology.

The combination of carbon and our S90 foot support technology provides several benefits:

  • Inherent stability
  • Extreme thinness and light weight
  • Flexible heel
  • Smooth transitions
  • Anti-slip protective film

In keeping with modern provision possibilities, the high-tech material carbon has been added to existing production processes. Our carbon orthopaedic foot supports can be perfectly combined and customised with the accessory parts from the NovaPED S90 elements range.

Download NovaPED S90 carbon edition flyer

Are you familiar with our new NovaPED S90 elements?

The brand-new elements presented at the OTWorld trade show in Leipzig make individual adjustment of NovaPED S90 orthopaedic foot supports (film technology insoles) possible - simply through heating and without any adhesive.

The elements, made from EVA, are lined with an adhesive film. When the adhesive film and the film side of the foot support are heated, the components can be fused together without the use of an adhesive.

This saves you time, and further processing in the form of sanding is made considerably easier by the fused connection.

Two different elements in three sizes, with bevelled edges for easier shaping, are available to you.

  1. Heel elevation (6 mm)
  2. SupPro wedge (4 mm) for three different versions
    • Hindfoot pronation
    • Hindfoot supination
    • Forefoot pronation

Other options are provided by material sheets (approx. 19.5 × 39.5 cm) in thicknesses of 4 and 6 mm, which can be used for individual blanks.

You can customise the orthopaedic foot supports quickly and with minimal effort in just a few simple steps, from heating to a brilliant finish.

Download NovaPED S90 elements flyer

Play NovaPED S90 elements video

NovaPED - New orthopaedic foot supports stock range catalogue

Over a total of 80 pages, we present more than 300 different orthopaedic foot supports that you can order directly from our stock in our new foot support stock range catalogue. These models are available for shipping within 24 hours.

The catalogue is divided into ten chapters, each marked with a tab so that you can quickly and simply find and order from the desired product group.

Download orthopaedic foot supports stock range catalogue

actfilex - The new stock range 2016

Our many years of experience in the development and production of comfortable shoes are reflected in each of our individual models.

But it is not only the attention to detail, technical advances and systematic quality controls that put the seal of approval on our top-class products. Check out our new stock collection for yourself and request our new actiflex stock brochure. You can contact our team on +49 (0)2191 910 201 or at

And don't forget: you have right of return within 30 days on all actiflex models!

actiflex stock range 2016

Download actiflex stock range 2016

OT World - New visitor record

With 21,300 visitors (2014: 20,400) from 86 countries (2014: 81), the trade show set a new record for visitor numbers. Over 37% of the industry visitors came from abroad to find out more about the various products.

'The trade show was a complete success for us once again in 2016. OTWorld represents the great future potential of the industry - we will be back in Leipzig in 2018,' said Roger Willms, Head of Marketing/Sales, in summary.

We would like to thank the organisers for the excellent job they did and the visitors for the pleasant discussions and their interest in our products and innovations.

my generation - Orthotic shoes with BOA® fastening system

Our orthotic shoes are long-lasting products which are further developed and optimized by the know-how of our product management and through the communication with you, our customers.
The latest development we present today.

Our orthotic shoes with BOA® fastening system in two versions:
• with adjustment wheel on the back
• with adjustment wheel on the side

Both lacing systems give the foot excellent hold by achieving even tightening across the entire lace surface.
Our complete collection is available on:

Of course all BOA® models are also available in our popular "my design" configurator.
On both variants can be designed.

We would be happy to assist you personally in all matters by phone - please contact us at +49 2191 910-0.


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