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New corrective socks for flat feet and pes valgus

Flat feet and pes valgus are the most common foot deformities. They are characterised by the buckling of the heel and the flattening of the arches. This pushes the forefoot outwards so that it is no longer pointing in the direction of movement, which can result in further problems in the knees and hips.

These corrective socks for flat feet and pes valgus, which have been based on the latest biomechanical findings and made using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, help to provide effective support to the foot and to correct the gait. The integrated tapes help to reposition the heel and also to bring the ball of the big toe into better contact with the ground.

The advantages at a glance:
  • Wearing time equals therapy time
  • Socks can be worn with all footwear
  • No skin irritations
  • Preventive and therapeutic application
  • Works via tension and not by compression
  • Three-dimensional stabilisation of the foot
  • Can be used for most foot problems

LucRo Slippers with PLUS10 widths now available

The two slipper styles "Hildegard" and "Heinrich" are now available from stock in PLUS10 width:

22399 Women's slippers, grey
Model: Hildegard
Sizes 36 to 43

21399 Men's slippers, grey
Model: Heinrich
Sizes 40 to 47


06.06.2018 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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22. - 23.06.2018 Würzburg

Spiraldynamik® – Fuß/Knie/Beinachse

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05.09.2018 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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28. - 29.09.2018 Remscheid


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12.10.2018 Augsburg

Anatomiekurs - Der Fuß

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07.11.2018 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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14.11.2018 Remscheid

Diabetes und konfektionierte Schutzschuhversorgung

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