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NovaPED Shell insoles with heel plateau

NovaPED shell insole blanks are designed to correct abnormal foot positions. In order to achieve the desired treatment result, it is important that shoe and insole form a unit to guide the foot as effectively as possible.

Thanks to the heel rounding and the shell-shaped design, an optimal fit is achieved for the foot. This supports the redistribution of pressure and ensures the desired treatment result while also providing a high level of comfort.

The new heel plateau on the underside with its enlarged contact surface ensures greater stability. At the same time, the power transmission of the insole to the shoe floor is increased. The arch structures are effectively supported and the lower ankle joint is additionally stabilised. The heel plateau also has an integrated raised edge that supports natural walking.

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New my generation stock collection

The new collection stands for high-quality and environmentally conscious production combined with great attention to detail, a high proportion of craftsmanship and the use of carefully selected materials. In addition, all models meet the requirements of an orthopaedic shoe and thus provide the best possible treatment.

Our new my generation collection inspires with its wide variety of models, many different materials and fresh colours. From grey and turquoise to yellow and pink - there's something to suit every taste. And if no combination appeals to you, simply use the configurator and combine your desired model with another colour or material combination at

NovaPED carbon - Expansion of the product range

Carbon fibres are industrially produced fibres made from carbon-containing starting materials. Thanks to their very high strength and very good power reproduction, carbon fibres are already being used successfully in racing and aeronautics. Our existing Carbon Edition series has been extended by further special insole blanks.

Hallux Rigidus - Insoles
The existing hallux rigidus variant with a flexible spring has been supplemented by two variants with a fixed rigidus spring. We offer a short and a long spring with different widths and cushioning, as well as a chassis version without padding. A suitable compensation insole is still available for all variants.

Carbon Edition - Special Plantar Fasciitis
A completely new variant in the range is plantar fasciitis. On the one hand, there is an insole blank with a conventional shape and heel spur recess. This model is characterised by its high comfort and extremely thin construction. On the other hand, a plantar fasciitis insole has also been developed that leaves space for the heel and the course of the tendon. With this model, a specially developed padded ring has been integrated on the underside of the insole chassis.

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28. - 29.09.2018 Remscheid


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12.10.2018 Augsburg

Anatomiekurs - Der Fuß

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12. - 15.10.2018 Schladming

Jahreskongress des Österreichischen Zentralverbandes

25. - 26.10.2018 Fribourg

51. APO-Jahrestagung

25. - 27.10.2018 Madrid

Orto Procare

07.11.2018 Remscheid

SCHEINWORKS construction

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14.11.2018 Remscheid

Diabetes und konfektionierte Schutzschuhversorgung

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15. - 17.11.2018 Bordeaux

ISPO France

28.01. - 01.02.2019 Dubai

Arab Health